Star-90 Star-90 Star-90

Star 90 - 100, the newly designed "orchard" tractor.

Easily handled, comfortable and planned for all-purpose use: The new range of tractors for integral orchard management are all this and more. Available in two versions, the Star 100 with the 95.2 hp Turbo inter-cooler engine & the Star 90 with the 81.3 hp Turbo engine. The Star tractors can reach a top speed of 40 kph. The salient features of the range are: the "two-in-one" transmission, with Dual Power and Reverse Shuttle, both Synchronised, integral braking on all four wheels, the rear power lift with its generous lifting capacity and the front axle with a steering angle of over 57. The gearshift levers at the side are in an ergonomic position and make driving more comfortable. The operator's platform is fully independent and is installed on Silent-Blocks, keeping the noise perceived by the driver in the cab down to a very comfortable 82 dB.

The heated, carbon filtered air-conditioned cab is available as an alternative to the safety frame, ropes, and completely insulates the operator against noise, vibrations and the substances used for spraying. Available with a standard roomy cab or alternatively, for fitting down narrow tree lined rows, with a special purpose narrow cab.

Star 90-100 Specification
Model 90 100
Engine VM Diesel VM Diesel
Power KW(HP) 60(82) 70(95.2)
Cylinder No. 4 Turbo 4 Turbo
Tarque Reserve 25% 63%
Cooling Water
Cab & Rops Available with or without cab
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