W60 SN-W70 SN-W60 RS-W80 RS Cluster SN


The SN version has a centre-articulated frame, which allows the tractor to have a remarkably reduced steering radius: only 2.38 metres. Therefore it is possible to work with a high level of precision in the narrowest of spaces for specialist cultivations, where it is not advisable to operate with any other type of machine. The synchronised gearbox consists of 16 speeds, 12 of which are forwards and four are reverse.

Cluster RS


Cluster RS, with rigid frame and steering. Guarantees a high level of stability particularly in difficult working conditions, both because of the implements weight and the remarkably steep slopes on which the machine operates. The gearbox is Synchronised at 32 speeds with reverse, 16 forward and 16 reverse, with four ranges of speed for each of the four speeds available.

W70 RS Cluster Rev:


The Cluster W70 Reversible series adds to Goldoni's range of high-powered equal wheel tractors. The Cluster Rev 70 tractor, rigid version, is equipped with a 70 HP water-cooled 3 cylinder Turbo VM engine (certified as regards emissions). The driver's seat can be turned through 180 degrees in just a few seconds and with a few simple operations. This rotational movement is aided by the transmissions synchronised mechanical reverse shuttle, which is effective on both rotations.

Cluster is equipped with an independent PTO with two standardised speeds synchronised with the gearbox. The hydraulic power lift with class 1 three-point hitch is also available with position and draft control function. Standard supply included a double-acting double auxiliary control valve with rear quick push-pull couplings. The hydraulically servo-assisted steering system is equipped with load sensing priority valve. A high degree of comfort is also guaranteed by the easily identified, rational and ergonomic controls. The sprung seat is adjustable both in height and for distance from the controls.

Cluster Specification
Model Cluster 60 SN Cluster 70 SN Cluster 60 RS Cluster 70 RS Cluster Reversible 70
Engine VM Direct Injection
Power KW(HP) 48 68 48 68 68
Cylinder No. 3 3 Turbo 3 3 Turbo 3 Turbo
Cooling Water
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