Energy Series

The salient features of Goldoni's Energy series are their small size and low weight, making Energy one of the best Specialised tractors on the market. Thanks to their height and width, the tractors can be driven between the narrowest rows in vineyards and orchards. Here, they can work where space is at a premium while guaranteeing the utmost in-comfort for the operator, thanks to the height of the seat and adjustable steering wheel. Great attention has also been paid to the weight of the machine: Goldoni presents the Energy series as the best combination between low weight (the soil is packed down to a lesser degree) and robust construction. Thanks to the offset axle, which provides greater ground clearance (up to 330 mm), the high version allows the operator to carry out jobs such as ploughing, chopping brushwood and weed-killing with the utmost efficiency.

The small size of the Energy model, the narrow version of which is no more than 1290 mm in width, makes this machine ideal for work between the narrow rows in vineyards. Goldoni tractors feature optimum wheel grip in all situations, in the heaviest soils and on steep, sloping land. This is because the front axle can swing 20 degrees. The tractor remains stable in even the most critical conditions, providing an unexpected amount of drive for a machine of such a small size. The operator always feels extremely safe on board one of Goldoni's Energy tractors, even when he works in very difficult conditions.

Energy Series Specification
Model 60 80
Engine VM Direct Injection
Power KW(HP) 43(58) 55(75)
Cylinder No. 3 Turbo 4 Turbo
Cooling Water
Cab & Rops Cabin & Rops
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